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Since 1956 ACES has been dedicated to building a strong foundation between the business and education communities, benefiting thousands of individuals while promoting the free enterprise system.
Originally a chapter of a national organization, ACES was established in Erie, PA in 1956 through a joint effort between the Manufacturer’ and Business Association of Erie, the Erie School District, General Electric and the Erie County Council for Educational Aid and Research.  ACES is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization founded to:

•    Provide economic education for all students through in-school initiatives
•    Provide guidance, assistance and training to teachers to help improve the economic education of students
•    Create partnerships between the education and business communities
•    Increase awareness of the American free enterprise system to the general public through our programs
•    Achieve our mission in a cost-effective manner for our donors and the communities we serve through sound fiscal management.

ACES' substantial impact reaches throughout western Pennsylvania as we continue to implement specialized opportunities that allow participants to increase their knowledge and appreciation for our American economic system through our unique and popular programs.

Endowment Fund
ACES has established an Endowment Fund with the Erie Community Foundation (ECF) to meet the needs of our donors. If you have specific or unique needs for your philanthropic and estate planning objectives, please contact the ECF.

​​Resources and Referrals
If you would like our assistance in finding speakers in your community for specific business topics, contact our office so that we may facilitate scheduling your presentation. ACES is more than happy to connect you to local resources. Please contact us here.

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