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Annual Awards

ACES recognizes qualified individuals every year who have contributed to the advancement of our mission. The Bob and Betty Merwin Outstanding Citizen Award and the Educator of the Year Award recognize personal achievement during the recipient's life and also commend their specific contributions to their community in relation to the American free enterprise system.

2024 Bob and Betty Merwin Outstanding Citizen

Linda Hajec photo.jpg

Linda Hajec

Black School of Business,

Penn State Behrend

About the Award:
In recognition of their commitment to ACES and the community, the Bob & Betty Merwin Outstanding Citizen Award is presented each year to an individual who is dedicated to their profession and free enterprise, while contributing to their community as well. Bob & Betty Merwin, founders of Eriez Magnetics and longtime ACES supporters, truly embodied the spirit of the competitive enterprise system. They are remembered with this tribute for their leadership in the community and the business sector.

Past Recipients

Valerie Laufenberg 2023

Philip & Ryan Katen 2022

Carl Wolfrom 2019

Tom Kennedy 2018

Mark Rose 2017

James B. Ohrn 2016

Howard & Mary Lincoln 2015

John Pellegrino, Sr. P.E. 2014

James E. Martin 2013

Sam B. Biasucci 2010
Thomas B. Hagen 2009
John T. Malone 2008
Chuck Jenkins 2007
MANP Board of Governors 2006
Harry E. Brown 2005
Richard A. Merwin 2004
Philip M. Tredway 2003
Kathleen Scheppner 2002
Joseph Prischak 2001
Gary P. Schneider 2000
P.C. “Hoop” Roche 1999


Calvin D. Neithamer, Sr. 1998

William M. Hilbert, Sr 1997

Ralph T. Wright 1996

Louis P. Musante 1995

Nicholas C. Scott 1993
Edward P. Junker III 1992

Edward M. Mead 1991

James C. Levinson 1990
Carl J. Schlemmer 1989
F. William Hirt 1988
Edmund J. Mehl 1987
Charles R. Beckman 1986
Thomas L. Venable 1985
Albert F. Duval 1984
Henry Fish 1983
Joseph and Lois Dahlkemper 1982
Mace Levin 1981
John Cochran 1980
Charles H. Bracken 1979
William B. Conner 1978

Ray L. McGarvey 1977

J. Robert Baldwin 1976

Henry Orth Hirt 1975
A. Bruce Smith 1974
Thomas Lord 1973
Herbert S. Sweny 1972
Everett Zurn 1971

Robert Young 1970
Harold Reslink 1969
James M. Vicary 1968
Douglas M. Moorhead 1967
Robert F. Merwin 1966
Robert A. Haller 1965
Donald S. Leslie, Sr. 1964
Guy W. Wilson 1963
Arthur F. Shultz 1962
Sumner E. Nichols 1961
G. Richard Fryling 1960
Norman W. Wilson 1959
Bertram Miller 1958

2024 ACES Educator of the Year

Past Recipients

Rimpa portrait Updated.jpg

Martin Rimpa

Fort LeBoeuf School District

About the Award:
In addition to the Merwin Outstanding Citizen of the Year Award, a special educator is honored annually for his or her commitment to the American free enterprise system through their educational initiatives and personal life.

Sue Bogert 2023

Antonella Spinelli 2022

Susan Holzshu 2019

Tim Houck 2018

Debbie Humphreys 2017

David Nuhfer 2016

Vickie Schultz 2016

Bryan Costa 2016

Bill Nichols 2015

Mark Ferrara 2014

Dr. Jay Badams 2013

Joseph A. Scungio 2010

Dr. James A. Kurre 2009

Art Bergamasco 2008

John Sarandrea 2005

Yvonne Best Proctor 2004

Michelle Miller 2003

Bill Holmes 2002

John Wilson 2001

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