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I think I speak for all of us when I say that Business Week was well worth our time.  We all have a better understanding of what goes on in the workplace. There is so much to be learned before we all enter the job market, and we got a good taste of it here this week.  Classroom learning is critical, but I believe that the hands-on activity during this week gives us a broader understanding of what business is all about.
Dan R., Business Week Participant

“Educating today’s youth has become increasingly challenging.  Innovative educators are always seeking new and better ways to accomplish their goals.  A teacher advocate of cooperative learning does flips over such a program!”  Daniel D., Educator

I choose to volunteer at Business Week because I fully understand the need to expose our students to what happens in the “real world” outside of the classroom. We need more good news about the great things that go on in our schools, like Business Week.”
Ken L., Volunteer

As I began college and participated in several of my business classes there were things that I learned through business week that I used often and set me apart from others in my classes.  What I think was most beneficial were the partnerships with other business leaders within the community that gave me perspective going into the collegiate and working world.
Sarah O., Business Week Participant

Greenville High School reflects on their Pennsylvania Business Week Experience 

Click here to see their Video!

I absolutely love the Business Week program and I feel it to be a very effective way to get young people thinking about business and entrepreneurship.  When I see the transformation of these young adults in only a week’s time, I feel assured that there is hope for free enterprise in the US.
Dan I., Volunteer

Pennsylvania Business Week was a vital aid in preparing me for college and my current job. 
Business Week differs from classroom education, in that it simulates a more real approach to the work force reality.  Not everyone will leave high school and go on to college.  Therefore programs like PA Business Week are a great way for students to begin seeing the difference between academia and work.
Seth O., Business Week Participant

“The exceptional learning experience brought to the students exceeds all other programs I have seen.  All students are given the opportunity to be involved in the learning process… the educational rewards received by our students from Pennsylvania Business Week are unlimited and exceed those we are able to offer during the normal school day.”
Yvonne B.P., Educator

Business week afforded me the unique opportunity to relate with classmates that previously I had little interaction with.  I was surprised how such a random group of students came together and creatively collaborated in just one short week.  Everyone contributed with talents that their classmates weren’t aware they possessed.  Personally I can say that business week boosted my confidence as my fellow teammates genuinely encouraged and praised the job I was doing.   I left the week with a sense of pride to be a part of such a great experience!
Stephanie R., Business Week Participant

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